Specialize in Solar Inspection

Specialize in Solar Inspection

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Step into the forefront of solar inspection with our specialized course tailored to harness the potential of drone technology. Explore the revolutionary capabilities of drones equipped with thermal cameras, enabling remote monitoring of solar installations even in the most challenging and remote locations.

DroneLab covers the academic chart that delves into drone-based inspections, offering cost-effective solutions that eliminate the need for expensive equipment and labor-intensive processes. Uncover the intricacies of drone technology course, safety procedures, and data collection and analysis for defect detection in solar panels and systems.

Learn to seamlessly integrate drone technology into your solar inspection practices and leverage data insights to optimize system performance. Stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving landscape of drone technology, ensuring compliance with local regulations for seamless solar inspection operations.


Learning Checklist:

  • • Drone piloting basics
  • • Safety procedures for drone operation
  • • Data collection methods for defect detection
  • • Integration of drone data for system optimization
  • • Compliance with local drone regulations
Course Info

  Duration                                             5 Days

   Skill Level                         Semi Advanced
  Class                            Small Placement
  Category                                    Rotorcraft
  Location                                Ahmedabad
  Eligibility                                          18+ Age