Specialize in Spraying Drones

Specialize in Spraying Drones

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If you’re are ready to revolutionize the agriculture sector? Let us be your guiding light in the world of spraying drones. Our specialized course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to harness the power of drones for spraying applications. From agriculture to pest control and research, explore the endless possibilities of drone technology in enhancing efficiency and safety in traditional farming practices.

Under the expert guidance of our drone instructors, pilots will gain confidence and technical proficiency in operating agricultural drones. Through a blend of theoretical, simulator, and hands-on training, students will learn about drone hardware and software, safety regulations, and effective control and maneuvering techniques for optimal spraying results.

This course offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking a career in the drone-related field or those eager to delve deeper into this transformative technology.


Learning Checklist:

  • • Proficiency in operating agricultural drones for spraying applications
  • • Knowledge of drone hardware, software, and safety regulations
  • • Hands-on experience through field exercises and practical assignments
  • • Mastery of effective control and moving techniques for optimal spraying results
  • • Opportunities for career advancement in the drone-related field.
Course Info

  Duration                                             5 Days

   Skill Level                                       Semi Advanced
  Class                               Small Placement
  Category                                    Rotorcraft
  Location                                Ahmedabad
  Eligibility                                          18+ Age