DGCA Approved Drone Pilot Training

DGCA Approved Drone Pilot Training

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Discover why our Directorate General of Civil Aviation-approved drone flying course is the ultimate choice for aspiring pilots. Led by qualified instructors, our comprehensive 5-day training program adheres to DGCA standards, ensuring top-tier education in drone operation.

From theory sessions suggesting the fundamentals of drones to hands-on lab sessions building and repairing drones, every aspect is meticulously covered. In our practical field sessions of our DGCA approved drone pilot training institute, candidates fly under the guidance of certified trainers, participating in diverse exercises and scenarios. Throughout the course, tests evaluate comprehension, with topics ranging from flight principles to safety management.

Delve into a structured curriculum covering stakeholders, laws, flight procedures, aerodynamics, weather, equipment maintenance, risk analysis, and more. With flight simulator training, assembly workshops, and on-ground flying experience, candidates gain invaluable skills for real-world applications.


Learning Checklist:

  • • DGCA-approved training conducted by qualified instructors
  • • Comprehensive coverage of flight principles, aerodynamics, and safety management
  • • Flight simulator training for practical skills development
  • • Opportunities for solo flying experience and flight logging
  • • Final multirotor test to evaluate proficiency.
Course Info

  Duration                                             5 Days

   Skill Level                                       Beginner
  Class                               Small Placement
  Category                                    Rotorcraft
  Location                                Ahmedabad
  Eligibility                                          18+ Age