Specialize in Wind Turbine

Specialize in Wind Turbine

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Don’t let the wind sway your drone or your work—master the skies with our specialized Wind Turbine course! Explore the forefront of drone technology as you learn to inspect and maintain wind turbines with precision and efficiency. Our comprehensive curriculum covers all aspects of drone operation for wind turbine inspection, including field planning, crack detection, and area calculations.

Designed for professionals and individuals interested in pursuing a career in wind turbine inspection, our course provides hands-on training in drone operation, safety protocols, and effective inspection techniques. Gain expertise in identifying and assessing turbine conditions while harnessing the power of drones to revolutionize the energy industry.

Whether you’re new to drone technology or looking to expand your skill set, our course offers the perfect blend of theory and practice to propel your career to new heights.


Learning Checklist:

  • • Mastery of drone operation for wind turbine inspection
  • • Understanding of field planning, crack detection, and area calculations
  • • Knowledge of drone types and proper operation procedures
  • • Proficiency in safely and effectively inspecting wind turbines using drones
  • • Practical experience in drone-based wind turbine inspection
Course Info

  Duration                                             5 Days

   Skill Level                                       Semi Advanced
  Class                               Small Placement
  Category                                    Rotorcraft
  Location                                Ahmedabad
  Eligibility                                          18+ Age